Automate workflows. More work in less time.

Design custom worklows to streamline communications and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage your daily work.

A simple way to organize and control internal processes.

It helps you optimize your business processes and create clear tasks that help ensure that resources are used seamlessly in your organization. A powerful task management module called flex library creates workflow automation. System users without IT help or codling information can design complex processes in the system within a few hours or days.

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Flex CMS is designed to help you easily identify and manage marketing campaigns and deliver the right message to the right person in the right channel. Flex CMS is a web-based e-mail marketing solution that can help businesses add new subscribers, send e-mail bulletins, and produce various reports. Suitable for businesses of all sizes. Finance, telecommunications, insurance, service bureaues, agencies, education, energy, manufacturing and retail are the main usage sectors.

Flex Campaign Management solution helps you plan and execute effective marketing campaigns and provides many benefits:

The solution offers a very simple WYSIWYG Editor feature that allows organizations to create email or html-plain text that can customize their own brand as well as the various features they need to run email marketing campaigns.:

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PReSConnect enables business users to optimize customer engagement through the design and delivery of personalized, consistent, coherent communications delivered everywhere, everytime.

Business processes in most companies are still predominantly manual, hence all the paper. For every business process, there is a corresponding document: a purchase order, an invoice, a proof of delivery, etc. Each of these transactional documents is very important in maintaining the cash flow of a company. If they are misfiled or lost, this can considerably slow down business. Dealing with important documents in paper format is error-prone, and very time-consuming. This problem can be solved with automation. By automating these paper processes, documents are digitally produced and stored, making them easy to retrieve. Other processes, such as approvals or invoicing, can even be automatically triggered. And finally, since employees don’t need to handle everything manually, they can spend their time on more important tasks.


Important business documents, such as digital and printed documents, digital files in multimedia and visual format, can achieve signficant volumes and receive valuable and expensive storage space over time.

In addition, manually searching for relevant daya may consume the uncounted amount of employee time. The Flex Archive Solution helps organizations save disk storage costs, reduce work hours and significantly speed up business processes by transforming business documents into electronically archived, efficiently managed and easily accessible digital recordings.


Move your print job to a completely different level.

Corporate B2B Web-to-Print Solution.

Print Service Providers, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Communication optimizes the process of creating personalized marketing materials for companies and reduces product costs.

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Digital & Offset Printing.


It helps to manage all of your employees, possible sales, accounts, sales lines and customer activities from a single platform.

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